CD: Harsh Kapadia

AD: Nils Philipon / Edi Loyola

CW: Scott Muska


Silver, Cannes Lions - Media 2016

Shortlist, Cannes Lions - Direct 2016

Bronze, YoungGuns Awards - 2015



CHALLENGE: The Florida market is cluttered with iconic theme parks and tourist attractions. How could Legoland Florida Resort stand out among them and convince international travelers to add LEGOLAND to their vacation plans?

IDEA : Nothing puts a place on a map more than having an official currency. So we partnered with Travelex to introduce Legoland Dollars on foreign currency exchange boards all over the world.


  • 22% increase in park visits

  • 21% increase in park revenue

  • 48 locations sold out




IDEA - When the user shows interest in the currency or requests an exchange, the Travelex agent will inform the user on the usability of LEGO Dollars at LEGOLAND and also hand them a co-branded brochure along with the LEGO Dollars. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 4.54.05 PM.png


IDEA - Our stunt reached various form of media from mainstream to blogs and media that talk to tourism as well as financial publications.



IDEA - We created a website where people were able to order Legoland Dollars online which gave a deeper experience and gave Legoland dollars legitimacy just like any other currencies.



IDEA - For the period of the stunt, we created social content for both LEGOLAND and Travelex to be posted across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.