my name is Nils Philipon A.K.A Slin, which is my dark alter ego. My title says I’m an art director so I guess I direct art? 

But I just like to refer myself as a guy who creates stuff. I am originally French but I grew up in the U.S and I was born in Egypt (plot twist). I started my creative career in New York City where I worked on various brands like Nike, Maserati, Verizon, Dell, Legoland Florida and many others. I’ve won a couple of awards out of it which is cool? After a Google search for “Cool advertising job in Berlin, Germany”, I end up moving and working there. I’ve helped agencies to win clients such as EasyJet and Hyundai. 

I currently work at Plantage where I work mostly on Coca-Cola and other obscure drinks. What I am really passionate about is telling stories in any medium possible. That’s why beside advertising I like to draw, make videos, rap and do stand up comedy. Maybe I’ll get into performance art next, who knows?


T: +49 152 37900522

I: @nilzphilipon